Dipa Karmakar – Gymnastics in India

Dipa is a big media story in India.

She hopes her Bronze medal at Commonwealth Games will help popularize the sport.

Ashish Kumar’s medals from the Commonwealth and Asian Games in 2010 didn’t change much for Indian gymnasts. Fighting federations that led to de-recognition by the Sports Ministry, lack of funds, and no international tournaments in two years, meant the gymnasts got all of just three months’ training before the Glasgow Games.

“With this little training I managed to get a bronze and I am happy with that, but I would’ve done better if we got more international tours”, said Dipa.

There’s no time for Dipa to celebrate though, as she and the other Indian gymnasts prepare for the Asian Games in Incheon in September. …

Gymnastics is Not Circus, Says Dipa Karmakar After Historic Commonwealth Games Bronze

Jim Holt has been assisting the Men’s Team for some months. I’m looking forward to his assessment of how Dipa’s medals (hopefully) improves the sport in India.

There is plenty of heated discussion online, some Indian non-gymnasts assuming that any negative comment about Dipa’s vault is racism.

I recall a discussion with Raj Bhavsar and Mohini Bhardwaj a couple of years ago. There should be far more successful gymnasts from the subcontinent. They have excellent genetics for acrobatic sport.

On the bright side, I saw many people recommend the start score for handspring double front be reduced from 7.0 to 6.5.

That would help. I’d still rather see the Vault banned for WAG for this cycle. And perhaps one more. I don’t trust the judges. A cannonball landing should be deducted 3.0 – they deduct 0.3. 😦

Even if WAG judges applied the current code, that would help a lot. Any analysis of the women’s Vault judging from Glasgow will quickly reveal that those E-scores are absurd. And that many vaults credited as layout were not layout.


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