Yamilet Peña – Zibo

A number of people, including Nico on GymFever, mentioned that Peña did a better Handspring double front than Dipa Karmakar competed today in the Commonwealth Vault Final.

Here it is.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Yep. That’s the least dangerous landing of all those I’ve seen competed by the 3 gymnasts chucking them today.

Peña is an awesome vaulter, too. By far the strongest of the three. Next is Karmakar. Fadwa MOHMOUD is the weakest. Watching her warm-up at African Championships 2014, I was convinced she was not going to compete Prudnova. Nobody in their right mind would do it from this slow a run.

Click PLAY or watch African Championships on YouTube.

Check the YouTube video image. Watch the reaction of the Egyptian coach.

Is this the sport you want to be coaching? 😦

As we’ve seen over and over again, FIG judging panels are not going to penalize those cannonball landings with no opening of any kind, so the vault must be banned.

Otherwise even more gymnasts, most from developing nations, are going to start training it. Seems it’s going to take another Elena Mukhina type injury before FIG WTC addresses this serious problem. 😦

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