Lauren Hopkins – Commonwealth Team

In case you missed all the excitement yesterday – (there were more than a few falls) – Lauren can quickly get you up to speed in this detailed wrap-up:

1. England – 167.555

Claudia Fragapane, the absolute superstar of this entire competition so far …


2. Australia – 161.646

Such a rough day for the Aussies, sadly, though I commend them for remaining in good spirits straight to the end …

Obviously this team is in a somewhat precarious position after being denied Worlds last year, so they will have to improve on their consistency if they want to help the program; but if you’re going to fall, you may as well do it with class. …

3. Wales – 160.095

4. Canada – 159.563

This was a disappointment to me. It’s not as though they sent a team of amateurs – the team is largely experienced, and features some of Canada’s best. There’s no way Victoria Moors’ departure alone was responsible for their implosion…while I don’t think they could have challenged England, a team of this caliber should have been battling Australia for silver, not falling behind Wales and leaving empty-handed.

Other Notable

We obviously need to talk about Kirsten Beckett of South Africa again, because this girl qualified into every apparatus final but beam in addition to a 6th place all-around spot. She is on fire …


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