GBR’s Nick Ruddock

British Gymnastics:

For the 5th year running, our Women’s National Junior Coach, Nick Ruddock has travelled to Tirrenia, Italy to represent the UEG (European Union of Gymnastics) at the Annual European Training Camp for juniors.

The camp, which takes place from the 12th to the 22nd July, is a chance for upcoming coaches and gymnasts from across Europe to take part in various lectures and practical sessions to help improve the provision of gymnastics throughout the continent and prepare the next generation of budding gymnasts and coaches. …

As the vault expert we ask Nick about Britain’s progress on this piece of apparatus …

“We won vault as a team at the 2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival, 2014 European Youth Olympics and Junior Europeans. It’s a combination of a strategy and having the right gymnasts with the right qualities; our current juniors are very powerful and that power translates into time in the air. The Yurchenko full twist used to be a standard vault for us but now we have many girls performing a double twist, hopefully one day pushing towards an Amanar.” …

We wish Nick and our women’s gymnasts (Ondine Achampong & Halle Hilton) and coaches (Elaine Wood & Melanie Ives) the best of luck at the camp.

Nick Ruddock – Preparing the next generation



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