Syque Caesar – Commonwealth training

Caesar is a serious medal contender for Bangladesh.

He’s back training the all-around for Glasgow.

Syque: Training for the Games initially started for me around the beginning of May. I had just used up all of my athletic eligibility after competing in the 2014 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championships in April – in which my team, the University of Michigan, claimed the championship trophy!

I took some time off after the competition because the NCAA season is absolutely brutal and I wanted to recover a bit before starting to train for Glasgow.

… I started doing full routines on all the events starting about a month and a half out from the competition in order to give me time to make adjustments and perfect the new skills and routines. I’ve upgraded my floor and parallel bars routines as well as added a second vault. I’m starting to feel more confident …

Turn: How does gymnastics in the U.S. compare to that in Bangladesh?

Syque: I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to go to school and train in the US where there are so many resources available for me to be able to reach my full potential …

The main training facility, about an hour drive outside the capital city of Dhaka, is great; in fact, much better than a lot of the gyms I grew up training in. Bangladesh is in need of willing and knowledgeable coaches to help jumpstart and take their men’s and women’s programs to the next level. …

turn-gymnastics – Gymnast Spotlight: Syque Caesar (Part 1)


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