‘Bama after Sarah Patterson

Balance Beam Situation posted the most nuanced reaction I’ve seen so far:

… I was completely caught off guard by this one, and it comes with more of a sour note and less of a celebratory one than we’d usually have for the retirement of a member of the coaching Mount Olympus because it’s clear she’s not retiring of her own choice. As outlined in the announcement, a series of knee replacement surgeries will take her out of action for the next year, so she has decided to give herself a medical retirement rather than redshirt the season. …

The head coaching legends are abandoning us. We do have Marsden now and forever, and D-D Breaux signed a new contract, so they’re still flying the flag for the 3-decade team. …

And now we have so much more to talk about when it comes to Alabama and 2015. All eyes on the Tide.

There was already a workable chain of succession in place at Alabama, and assistant Dana Duckworth will now take over as the head coach. …

The world won’t be expected of Dana right away. She’ll have some leeway, and if Alabama is able to keep this string of top finishes going in the 2015 season, that will be seen as a bonus. …

The End of a Sarah

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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