Great Britain’s Barry Collie

If you’re still wondering how Great Britain became one of the top men’s Gymnastics nations in the world, you need read this interview.

Barry Collie


British Gymnastics:

Our junior men’s national Coach Barry Collie recently led our men’s junior team to their most successful ever European Championships in Bulgaria, with the team collecting 10 individual medals and winning the overall title for the fourth successive time.

He talked us through the event from a coach’s perspective…

The focus is always on the long term goals, but in the run up to the major events I consume myself entirely in the sport for six weeks. I become completely focussed with the team members for that crucial period. Everyone has to make personal sacrifices and focus on the job in hand for the interest of the whole team. …

Confidence comes from planning. For the final three weeks we’re centralised at Lilleshall and we model the competition, doing exactly as we would do once we’re out there; the times, the structures, warm up, eating, everything. …

When you arrive as champions, there’s a big expectation from other nations. …

BG – Barry Collie: 2014 Europeans from a coach’s perspective

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