Canadian Nationals 2014: A Recap

At Canadian Nationals 2014, our best source of day-to-day information was Jared Goad on twitter @jaredvgoad.

Jered guest posted a WAG competition report on Arabian Punch Front, speculating on who Canada will send to Commonwealth and PanAm Games:

Oh Canada!

The 2014 Canadian National Gymnastics Championships ran from May 26th – 31st in the nation’s capital of Ottawa. …

Senior women’s was the highlight event of the week with Olympians Ellie Black and Victoria Moors dueling it out for top spot and newcomers Aleeza Yu and Isabela Onysko chasing them not far behind making it a great battle for the top. The seniors had three long days of competition in a format similar to World Championships with qualification, AA finals, and event finals.

CommonwealthBlack, Onyskho and Moors are most likely headed here. Yu will be too if her injury isn’t too bad. If Yu is out, Merkle will probably take her spot. With the team very strong on vault, beam and floor, they will need someone who can put up a good bar score. Vaculik or Woo could fill this spot. …

NCAA Commitments

Merkle, Woo, Hofland and Casey Carvahlo are all headed to Ohio State, Tsang to Penn State, Douglas to MSU, Chant to Florida, Vaculik and Pedersen to Georgia, and Peterman to Maryland. …

Canadian Nationals 2014: A Recap

Aleeza Yu was injured on Vault landing at a competition as was MAG veteran Ken Ikeda. Once again, I’d urge FIG to study whether our current Vault mats are safe enough. 😦

CDN uniform



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