India and the Commonwealth Games

Ashish Kumar:

“The Commonwealth Games are crucial for me and gymnastics in the country. It was only because of our performance there that our sport even got noticed. We might have any number of plans for the future but all of that will mean nothing unless we perform in Glasgow,” says Kumar.

Jonathan Selvaraj:

… After his historic medals at the Commonwealth Games and Asiad four years ago, Ashish Kumar endured a long lean-period. … he targets Glasgow 2014 to prove that he isn’t a one-Games wonder. …

Coach (Jim) Holt explains Ashish’s chances.

“Vault is a crapshoot. If you stick your landing, you will get a high score. But my bet is on him in the floor exercise. Among the Commonwealth countries, he is an elite competitor,” says Holt. “I don’t know if Ashish will win gold in Glasgow but he will certainly be a better gymnast. Compared to 2010, he is already far superior and right now he is at his peak,” he says.

Hands on bar, fingers crossed

Great article. The best I’ve ever seen discussing Gymnastics in India.


Kumar is not their only star.

Dipa Karmakar, 20, is the best Indian woman gymnast by a distance. …

At the 2013 World Championships, she finished 18th on the vault — improving from 21st in Tokyo and 32nd at the 2009 London Worlds. Her Antwerp score of 13.96, on performing a relatively simple routine, would have given her the gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where she finished seventh. “At the last Commonwealth Games, I was only 16-years-old. I was really nervous because it was my first big international competition. Now I am far more confident,” she says.

Karmakar has begun practicing the handspring double front vault — with a D-score of 7.0. …

Let’s hope she doesn’t compete Prudnova before it’s truly ready.

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