European Championships previews

Couch Gymnast has a series on the top WAG teams.

For example, Italy.

Giuly Holzer:

“We know it is possible.”

This is what Enrico Casella said of his Italian gymnasts when talking about earning a team medal in Sofia at the European Championships.

The Italian National coach has high expectations for his gymnasts going into the meet …

TCG: You set a series of goals for your gymnasts this year, including particular skills, the use of grips, and more releases on bars. Have the girls been successful in working toward these aims?

EC: YES for use of grips and for particular skills on floor and vault, but not yet for more releases on bars. …

TCG: How is Vanessa Ferrari’s health? And what are her aims for these European Championships?

EC: She is in good health and she will fight for three medals.

TCG: Can we expect to see any upgrades from Vanessa?

EC: You can …….[but of course he wouldn’t say!] …


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