Women’s European Championships

Sofia (BUL) May 12-18, 2014


… 2014 European Championships are full Europeans, with both a junior and a senior team competition. …

This year Europeans will be also important because it is the qualification for the newly created European Games, that will take place in 2015 in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Romania is the favourite for this year’s Europeans gold with Russia and Great Britain fighting for the podium. Russia is plagued with injuries from its top gymnasts and it is sending a young team to gain experience. Great Britain has the originality on routines composition and new names that add power to their line up. There is no (Sr) All Around competition at this year Europeans …


There have been several senior competitions in the first part of the season to evaluate and prepare gymnasts for European Championships. We have collected all the scores that we have been able to find and this is an objective ranking of the top gymnasts per country and apparatus.

We are not re-judging the routines and we only use real scores by FIG judges under the current FIG Code of points during this year (2014). Judging from competition to competition varies; we only pretend to show who are the gymnasts expected to perform well and to serve as a guide for the new names for those attending the European Championships. …

Team Competition

ROU 172.600
GBR 167.950
GER 164.800
FRA 163.800
BEL 162.950
POL 159.850

Russia is not included on that list. Probably a good idea since scores at Russian Championships (a domestic meet) were too high. So high that I assumed some new bonus system had been put in place.

… Without Russia competing outside Russia for seniors this year, Romania with its stars in top form should be able to win the European crown despite the expected low scoring UB rotation. …

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Thanks Albert. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch a preview on YouTube.

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Great Britain

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