Simon Biles’ Sports Psychologist

Full Twist:

In July 2013, Simone competed for the first time as a Senior in the Secret U.S. Classic where she performed poorly. Competing on three apparatus, she placed second to last in the All Around (AA) competition with a score of 41.33. A tough warm up meant that Biles scratched Vault from the competition, already scuppering her chance at a high ranking in the AA. Falls on Bars and Floor and a shakey Beam routine not only brought her score down, but also her confidence.

The 16-year-old’s confidence suffered greatly and her family and coaches decided to turn to sports psychology as a treatment in an effort to help her performance. After a couple of sessions with Robert B. Andrews of the Institute of Sports Psychology in her hometown of Houston, TX, she learned how to manage her nerves and use her excitement to improve her performance. This showed at the 2013 P & G Championships where she was crowned National Champion and thus secured her place on the National Team.

Just two months after the U.S. Classic, she competed at the 2013 World Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, and won the All Around title with a score of 60.216 …

Interview: Simon Biles & Sports Psychologist Robert B. Andrews


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