NCAA Championships on Gymnastike

Update #3

Gymnastike has reworked that archive footage into a documentary.

Super 6 documentary

Gymnastike has been deleting critical comments on their Facebook page. Still no “official” response to the backlash.

Update #2


When a video is embeded onto Gymnastike it is done in a way that when viewed the particular youtube video channel’s video is getting the views as well. Gymnastike doesn’t download videos then upload them as their own.

Gymnastike has a lot more traffic then most youtube channels (as you can imagine) so they are actually getting more views then they would simply from youtube traffic.

Gymnastike doesn’t steal videos or do with them differently then other blogs. The site has a video uploading and filing system that enables videos to be put on the site via uploading or embedding in the same format. I assure you all videos that are not created by Gymnastike Staff are all embedded and function just like a youtube video.

That’s cool. That’s a win, win for the person who produced the original content. And for Gymnastike.

Gymnastike does produce and own their own videos, of course. With those they can do as they like. I’ve “submitted” a number of videos to Gymnastike over the years, always happy with how they are managed.

My wild speculation is that the experiment of Gymnastike purchasing archive footage rights for competitions previously on TV is not a good idea. It’s likely going to cause more ill will than it will bring in as new revenue.

Update #1:

There are two kinds of people.

Those who pay the Gymnastike Gold membership, most very happy with what they get. 🙂 And those ticked off with Gymnastike, a site beloved by one and all before adding their premium membership. 😦

Now that Gymnastike owns the rebroadcasting rights bought the “archive footage rights” for NCAA Championships, they are paying people to search for and take down the “illegal” routines online.

That’s the system we live with in 2014.

Personally I love Gymnastike. But have enough reservations about how they monetize NOT to join myself.

Best case scenario new companies will launch to compete. Companies like sports2visuals with their Hard Way to Success video series.

___ original post:

Looks like Gymnastike has purchased the re-broadcast rights for the 2014 NCAA Championships.

Gymnastike Gold

I like that the link is branded with GOLD. That way new users aren’t confused as to whether that’s free content, or for paid subscribers only.

Their videos stream more slowly than YouTube. You need a fairly strong internet connection to watch them.

Gymnastike is not up front with the cost for Gymnastike Gold subscription. Last time I checked it was $19.99/mo. A yearly subscription $150/year ($12.50/mo.).


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