10 Things to be Careful About When Dating a Gymnast

This via Mackay Gymnastics on Facebook:

1. If she’s had a bad day at practice…STAY AWAY AND BE VERY AFRAID!

2. Don’t ever come in the gym, EVER. Chalk, sweat, wedgies…it’s not a pretty sight.

3. Don’t ask her what she’s working on. You will never understand what she’s talking about.

4. Beware of her Coaches!! It’s often scarier to meet them than to meet her parents.

5. Don’t ask her to compete with you in anything unless you are ready to lose and be humiliated. When she gets competitive, she will not stop until she’s victorious.

6. During competition season, practice comes first. Don’t ever think you are more important than the gym.

7. When you decide to date a gymnast, make sure you realize she will be in the gym more than she’s with you.

8. Don’t be surprised when out on a date and she eats more than you do. And definitely DON’T call attention to the fact that she does.

9. Don’t be surprised when she’s not as lady-like as all of your other dates. She was raised in a gym where burping and farting is always a contest.

10. If you hurt her, you will have a whole gym full of gymnasts, who can all whoop your butt, and the coaches after you.

It’s time to watch Alicia drop that guy again, on YouTube. 🙂

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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