Trampoline history


Uploaded to the YouTube account of Samuel Castro is a video called “Trampoline Best Legends.” It’s been making the rounds on social media networks. There are many outstanding performances on the video, including clips of trampoline gymnasts at Cirque and on the winter slopes. I don’t know where he got all the clips and I’m not sure who all the performers are or where they are performing. However, I did bear witness to a few of the performances in person.

Galimbatoviski is the most talented gymnast you probably never heard of. At minute 2:25 is a clip of him performing an historic record-breaking routine, the first competition routine with 5 triples in a row, and the first with a rudi-out triffis. He performed two of them: rudi-out triff tuck, 1/2 in rudi-out triff tuck, triff pike, 1/2 in triff tuck, triff tuck – solid, on an ancient 1/4? bed. …

I did not witness Canada’s Jason Burnett perform his world-record DD routine of 17.7 in a 2007 World Cup, but his routine is included in this compilation of Trampoline greats at 5:30.

Trampoline Pundit – Best Trampoline Legends Video

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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