Chellsie Memmel – Overcoming Fear

If Chellsie Memmel had to overcome fear problems, everyone did. She’s a warrior.


… you are not alone in having fears. Everyone goes through it at some point or another.

The first major fear I had was learning my blind change on bars when i was eight or nine. I could do them really well on the pit bar with a spot, but fear was stopping me from going any further. …

My dad was finally sick of hearing about it so after a practice at Salto (my old gym) we were at M&M (my parent’s gym) and he said “let’s see one and see how scary it really is.” He built the blocks up so he could be there to spot and was expecting a not-so-great blind since he knew that I was scared. I got up and did …

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Gymnastike’s premium web series, Beyond the Routine, will be featuring Chellsie Memmel next.

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