Knee Injuries In Gymnastics

Dave Tilley and Joe Myhren posted a detailed article on how professionals can assess risk of serious knee injury. The post opens with some alarming statistics:

Traumatic knee injuries such as ACL tears are 4-6 times higher in female athletes compared to males for jumping and landing sports, with some study models suggesting even a 10 times greater risk at baseline

This risk may be increased 10 fold for the young female athlete of high school age, meaning some models would place certain high school aged gymnasts to be 14 – 20x more likely to suffer an injury at baseline

The estimated cost of medical management following traumatic knee injuries is between $17,000 – $25,000 per injury.These numbers can further increase with more complex injuries that require extensive medical interventions and rehabilitation.

Some traumatic knee injuries have been associated with potential long term loss of sports participation, lowered academic performance, long term disability, major functional deficits, and a significant risk of future meniscal injuries/ knee osteoarthritis.


Best practice is to avoid serious knee injury. Teach great technique from a young age to lower risk later in life.

The article includes many graphics. A couple of examples:



If interested, click through.

Prevention of Traumatic and Progressive Knee Injuries In Gymnastics: Assessing Risk Using Jumping, Landing, and Squatting Technique


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