whither Rhythmic?

Check the inaugural Arab Rhythmic Championships.

Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon competing in Doha.

Rhythmic is growing in another Muslim nation, Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani athletes won eight medals, including four gold medals, during the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament for the Prize of Queen Margarita, which was held in Bulgaria, December 13-14. …



The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation is pushing Gymnastics in a big way. Check the recently opened Artistic “gym”.

Azerbaijan Gym

FIG is launching a Rhythmic Gymnastics Age Group Development Programme for developing nations.

Seems to me Rhythmic is growing worldwide despite the recent judging scandal.

Six members of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee have lodged an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against “ungrounded accusations” surrounding the discovery of alleged “irregularities” at a series of judges’ courses in 2012.

Former Technical Committee President Maria Szyszkowska, incumbent leader Natalia Kuzmina, five other Committee members and 16 judges were all implicated in the long running scandal, and their latest appeal against the allegations and sanctions were unanimously rejected by the FIG Appeal Tribunal last month. …

Speaking during an exclusive interview with insidethegames last year, Kuzmina claimed the disciplinary action against the officials was, in fact, an attempt to “discredit rhythmic gymnastics from the list of Olympic sports“. …

Rhythmic gymnastics officials take appeal against “ungrounded accusations” to CAS

Far from FIG seeking to undermine Rhythmic, FIG seems to be doing everything possible to grow the sport.


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