MAG NCAA – return to 10?

Dwight Normile argues the case:

Men’s NCAA coaches opted for the FIG rules to help the international effort of the U.S. But that decision actually applies to an extremely small percentage of the approximate 300 competitors among the 17 college teams. Throw in the bad public relations of the weaker teams getting clobbered by the fully-funded ones, and it becomes evident that the current NCAA men’s rules are serving less than half of the remaining programs. …

Men’s NCAA gymnastics must redefine itself through inclusivity. Illinois coach Justin Spring tried to just that last season with a match-play dual meet against Minnesota. But he had a hard time convincing many of his coaching colleagues to rally behind it. If match play is not the answer, then a return to the 10.0—and easier routines—would level the playing field. …

Men’s NCAA Gymnastics Needs the 10.0 More Than Ever

Akash Modi went 90.10 last weekend as a Freshman for Stanford15.85 P Bars.

Would we have seen more media attention if that routine had been scored a “perfect 10”?

Bottom line:

1. I don’t think the Perfect 10 is making a comeback in MAG NCAA.

2. I’m not sure it would help the men’s survival chances. Much.

The top Universities only have 6.3 scholarships compared with women’s teams that have up to 12 scholarships.

It’s time to start (secretly) drafting a post-NCAA University club competitive structure.

What will survive if the NCAA drops MAG?

Is there any scenario that would result in more teams? More competitors?

(via Stick It MediaOklahoma, Michigan Prevail; Newburger Sets New Pommel Horse Record)


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