week 3 in the NCAA

Lauren Hopkins:

… A detailed recap of every NCAA Division I, II and III competition

1. Oklahoma, 197.188
2. LSU, 197.038
3. Florida, 196.863 (+1)
4. Utah, 196.763
5. Michigan, 196.663 (+3)
6. Georgia, 196.608 (+3)

Team of the Week: Rutgers. …

Skills of the Week:

Emma Sibson (Penn State) is vaulting a handspring front pike half-out, which she stuck on Saturday; her teammate Nicole Medvitz also gets points for doing an illusion turn on beam!

Speaking of cool beam turns, I absolutely adore Claire Boyce’s full turn in attitude.

I loved Brandie Jay’s (Georgia) front handspring Rudi to layout to double stag on floor. Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers) added a Markelov to her bars routine, and it’s fabulous.

Brittany Harris (Oregon State) is doing a back handspring to one-armed back handspring into her beam dismount and it rocks; her teammate Kaytianna McMillan does a one-armed front handspring to her knees, which is so unique and lovely.

Routines of the Week:

Tory Wilson of Utah on vault, Kristina Vaculik of Stanford on bars (that Gienger!), Kassidy Stauder of Penn State on beam, and Luisa Leal of Rutgers and Sydney Sawa of UCLA tie for my favorites on floor. …

read much more – NCAA Week 3 Recap

Click PLAY or watch the UCLA intro video on YouTube.

(via Christine Lee)

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