Italy in 2013

Elisa Emanuelli:

For the Italians, 2013 started with the return of Enrico Casella as Direttore Tecnico Nazionale (National Team Coach/Coordinator). In an interview, he stated that:

“Italy must do well on the occasions that matter, and must be able to compete on a global level.”

I would say that in 2013 Italy was able to do just that. … in total they won 17 international medals.

After the disappointment of the 2012 Olympics, many thought that Vanessa Ferrari might retire

At 23, Ferrari, proved all the naysayers wrong. Of the 17 international medals won by Italy in 2013, Vanessa won 7 of those. She won 2 golds, AA and FX, at the Mediterranean Games; 2 silvers on floor, one from Worlds the other the La Roche sur Yon world cup; and 3 bronzes, 2 in AA at the Stuttgart and Glasgow World Cups and 1 on BB at the Mediterranean Games. The podium finishes at the end of the year World Cups means that Ferrari now has won a medal in every major international competition except for the Olympics.

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Elisa Meneghini
Elisa Meneghini

Italy in 2014?

Giulia Holzer posted on Couch Gymnast:

… National coach Enrico Casella has decided on some specific “goals” the Italian girls have to reach . These are:

– Learn a Kasamatsu vault
– Learn a Yurchenko 1 1/2 or 2

– Every gymnast has to use grips
– Learn more releases

– Learn 3 elements series with rebounding.
– Learn a “difficult” skill ( back tuck 1/1, layout or back
handspring 1/1)

– Learn three difficult passes ( double layout, front double, triple
twist, full twisting double back, double Arabian, 2 1/2 twist to front 1/1)
– Create an artistic performance.

The Italy Update


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