Smith’s Chances for Glasgow?

From a new blog out of the UK, the Men’s Gymnastics Perspective:

… With a five-man team to be selected, and Whitlock, Thomas and Oldham surely the first names on the teamsheet, Smith will be targetting one of the two remaining places on the team.

With such a strong top 3 England could have enough quality to win the Team title without even needing the 4th and 5th men. This luxury might enable some surprising or risky choices for those places – and after 18 months out of the sport Smith could certainly be considered a risk. In the end it will all depend on the selectors’ strategy.

Will the selectors buy into the romance of Smith’s last swansong, and the further exposure this will bring to a growing sport, or will they have the mindset that Smith’s time has passed and that the time is ripe to blood exciting new British talent ahead of Rio? …

Smith Comeback: Main Rivals for Glasgow Commonwealth Gymnastics Place

Louis piked

Louis should not be selected. He’d only compete one apparatus. And I don’t really want him over-scored. Again.

That said, I wouldn’t be astonished if he was given the nod. Louis brings great media attention.

Could he be named honorary Captain?

An assistant coach?

One commenter points out that Frank Baines could compete for Scotland. And that Brinn Bevan is competing at the YOG later on in 2014 and is not trying for Commonwealths.


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