score elegance, not artistry?

The new Gym Geek blog summarizes recent discussion on artistry in gymnastics, comparing wildly different types of routines:

Viktoria Komova vs. Lloimincia Hall – floor routines

Nastia Liukin vs. Shawn Johnson – Beijing beam

… I for one find it very interesting that many fans mis-label elegance as artistry.

As elegance is a more quantifiable and narrower subset of artistry, it would seem that it would be easier to judge and reward within the code.

However, is this really a goal to strive for?

In the case of Simone Biles or Shawn Johnson, their artistry may very well lie in their power and execution of tremendous tumbling and their ability to sell a routine to the crowd. …

Gym Geek – Fans don’t REALLY want more artistic gymnastics

That is must read for anyone interested in the artistry dilemma.

My own solution to the dilemma is simple. Drop deductions for artistry from the Code. Reward difficulty, but only when very well executed.

Prior to the 2004 Olympics Courtney McCool was my favourite to win the AA. As clean and precise as any gymnast in Athens.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s one of MCSMaria’s favourite routines.

Courtney went on to win NCAA titles on Beam, Floor and Team. 🙂

Thanks Marcus.

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