Bar grip elastics

American Gymnast:

This video explains how girls should put on their pair of American Gymnast grips and answers one of the most common questions we receive about our grips – how to use our unique elastic band finger-locking system.

First, make sure you are putting your grips on the correct hand. For gymnastics grips with a Velcro strap, as you tighten the grips, you want to be pulling the strap in towards your body. For grips with a buckle strap, as you lay the palm of your hand down on top of the grips, you want the buckle to be on the outer most side of your hand.

Next, put your middle two fingers (i.e. ring finger and middle finger) into the finger holes of the grip. As you do this, make sure the elastic band is sticking out between your two middle fingers.

Next, twist the elastic band once and bring it down over and around the fingers and grips. Then, twist the band again and bring it back up over and around the fingers and top of the grips. Watch the video for a demonstration of this.

Now your fingers are locked securely in the finger holes and will not slip out while you are swinging on the bars. Once you do this a few times, you will quickly get the hang of it and it should only take a couple of seconds to put the elastic band into place. If you feel your fingers are secure enough in the holes without the elastic band, it is very simple to cut the elastic band out with a pair of fingernail clippers or scissors, being careful not to cut any stitching around the dowel area. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’ve always preferred a soft wool tie down from grip holes back to the wrist strap. But elastics seem to be the most popular safety tie-ons these days.

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