Individual Worlds format?

Who should compete Worlds?

Too few spots are available at Olympics to showcase the very best gymnasts in the World.

Assuming FIG keeps Trampoline and Rhythmic, there’s not likely to be an increase in the number of Artistic Olympians.

It would seem logical to offer more places at Worlds.

Post-Olympics we have Individual Worlds. In Belgium any nation can bring up to 4 women, 6 men.

That’s very inclusive of the smaller nations. This competition was, perhaps, too inclusive. Any coach can point out some athletes that shouldn’t have been competing. Either due to injury. Or because the gymnast truly wasn’t at a high enough level.

But the 4/6 numbers to me already seems unfair. To the ladies.

Better would be up to 6 women and 6 men. Or up to 5 women and 5 men, if time doesn’t allow six.

Why not?

If a gymnast flies to Belgium, they should compete. It’s a waste of time & money to have Brenna Dowell uninjured, training — and not competing.

Click PLAY or watch Brenna’s Bars in training on YouTube.

No coach needs to stand in. Brenna is confident on those releases.

More Bars training video.

Al Fong’s opinions on the situation.*

Every gymnast registered for Individual Worlds should get to compete.

Why not?

I’m one of the few who likes the 2 gymnast / nation to Finals rule. That would stay.

If Romania happened to have the top 6 gymnasts on Beam in prelims one year, only two would advance to the Beam Final.

Blog comments are a poor place to have a conversation. But leave a comment if you like. I’d be happy to put up your opinion as a “guest post” if you have any other alternatives to the current rules.

related – Bruno Grandi wants to again change the World Cup format

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