USA Worlds Team 2013?

Let’s say you were Marta Karoli. And you had to name the team RIGHT NOW.

What two gymnasts would you want in the Finals in Antwerp?

AA = Ross, Biles

V = Maroney, Biles
Bars = Ross, ______
Beam = Ross, Biles
Floor = Maroney, Biles

Truly, there’s only one blank on the dance card.

Yet you can name one more athlete. And one traveling alternate. (I assume.)

Katelyn Ohashi would be your first choice. Unfortunately I’ve heard nothing that makes me hopeful Katelyn will be hitting 12 Beam and 7 Bar routines a day anytime soon. She had shoulder surgery in April.

Perhaps you take one AA back-up with strong Floor and 2 Vaults as insurance policy — best chance for two medals in the AA, FX and Vault.

Brenna Dowell? Lexie” Priessman? … “Ebee” Price?

And one new Senior who could use World’s experience. Preparing for 2014 and 2015.

Kennedy Baker? Peyton Ernst? Abigail Milliet? Maggie Nichols? Madison Kocian?

Click PLAY or watch Marta’s interview on Gymnastike.

Watch more video of 2013 P&G Championships on

I’d love to see Mykayla Skinner at a World Championships? But doubt that she’s consistent enough in training to be chosen by a Marta.

Please, please USA send her to a World Cup. Or other major international invitational. Picture a final that included both Skinner and Victoria Moors. 🙂

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