Chinese wins Acro group

Grace Chiu on Facebook:

Rockin’ final night of Trampo & Acro at World Games in Cali. …

The most remarkable ovation/encore/they-brought-the-house-DOWN in any gymnastics event I’ve ever seen was for the Chinese men’s Acro group. There were flairs, Great Big Throws, and they nailed Everything!

The audience were on their feet before the final pose. … They did an encore on the tumbling run where they jump- roped their boy flyer AND threw him in a quintuple corkscrew AND caught him. Then, in the kiss ‘n cry, the arena did the Wave THREE times around! It was awesome! …


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… Top qualifiers China and Russia played in a league of their own, boasting massive difficulty and thrilling the audience with their spectacular pyramids and moves.

The final was free of penalties for all groups, but it was again China and Russia that produced the most stunning performances. In the end, a .21 margin was the difference between Gold and Silver, with the Chinese having the advantage. Ukraine outscored Belgium to proudly take the Bronze. …

The Gymnastics events at The World Games 2013 Cali continue with the Aerobics competitions on Friday and Saturday.

China’s dazzling acrobats edge out Russia for Group Gold

That link has results for Synchronised Trampoline, Double Mini and Acrobatic.

I can’t find a video of China, Russia or Belgium online. Leave a comment if you’ve seen one.

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