making sense of Rhythmic

Though I’ve followed the sport since it was introduced in the 1984 Olympics … I still can’t explain it.

trivia – who won the 1st Olympics?

It’s got more in common with dance and contortion than Artistic Gymnastics.

Mina decided to go to Vienna for the 29th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

… In rhythmic gymnastics the Europeans are almost as good as Worlds as the top nations like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and even Azerbaijan etc. all participate. …

In the end, the very young Russian gymnasts, Yana Kudryavtseva, Daria Svatkovskaya (daughter of the famous Oxana Skladina, who refused to congratulate silver-medal-winning Carolina Pascual at the 1992 Olympics) and Margarita Mamun not only won the team event (two to three gymnasts from each country show altogether two routines per apparatus) but all of the gold medals in event finals and three silvers, too. (There‘s been no all-around competition this year.)

… (starting) 2013 gymnasts are allowed to use one piece of music which has vocals with words. (I think) all of the gymnasts used this new rule and while some shone even brighter doing their difficult elements and great artistry work to the wonderful voice of Adele, Lana del Rey or even Shakira, other performances were just smothered by the singing and couldn‘t really live up to their own music choice. All in all I really liked the new rule …

Couch Gymnast – Impressions of the European Rhythmic Championships

Mina’s top 6 routines from that competition are linked. Including this one …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

related – GymCastic episode 37 features a lengthy audio interview with 2012 Olympian Julie Zetlin. Charming and eloquent.

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