why the Code does NOT work

Execution judges are not doing their job.

For example …

Watch the new Chinese Champion Shang Chunsong.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

6.2 + 8.467 = 14.667 – 1st

Where are the 1.5+ in deductions?

Now watch Liu Tingting in the same Beam final. Same judges.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

5.2 + 7.5 = 12.7 – 8th

Difference between those routines is less than a point.

Yet it’s obvious to anyone. Any 8 year old gymnast — that Shang’s routine was HIT near perfect. That Liu’s routines had many major wobbles and balance checks. Both had a landing deduction.

There should be a far greater difference in E Score than 1.0.

The new Code doesn’t work because FIG allows judges to box the scores. The cleanest gymnasts in each competition suffer. It’s not fair.

Bruno Grandi so often talks about justice.

Why doesn’t he mandate the FIG Technical Committees to start applying the rules as written?

(via Brigid Couch Gymnast McCarthy on Facebook)

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