qualifying for 2020 Olympics

FIG is looking at reforming the 2020 Olympic qualification system.

Bruno Grandi:

Targeting 2017

… The new calendar should maximise opportunities for Olympic qualification via World Championships, continental championships and World Cup events. …

… FIG will host a Symposium to which all of the member federations will be invited and offered the chance to share their views. …

All of the measures adopted, including the new calendar and the new formats, will then be tested out in practice, in order to verify the validity and effectiveness of the reforms. The new calendar and formats are then scheduled to come into force permanently from January 1, 2017.

All in all, the reforms should provide gymnasts with a clear path towards qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Fundamental principles …

• prioritising of team competitions …

• focus on individual All Around competitions …

• allow athletes participating in continental competitions to qualify directly for the World Championships or the Olympic Games, the same as athletes competing at World Cup events, thus raising the status of these competitions.

read more on FIG – Letter from the President, Jun 3rd, 2013


Blythe has some commentaryChanges coming for Olympic gymnastics qualification system

I’m worried.

At first glance it seems we’ll end up with a more complex system. More chances for athletes to qualify via some World Cup or Continental Games — without having to compete directly against others not selected.

The current system seems fairer.

Qualify at Worlds. Or the Olympic Test Meet.

ALL of the contenders will be there. Same venue. Same judges.

The Canadian Men did not qualify a team for 2012. And it was fair. They had a fair shot.

Any more complicated system will almost certainly be less fair. 😦

I’ve been cheering for Istanbul, by the way. Their odds of being selected are almost non-existent now, however.

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