NCAA Rings

Stick it Media:

The 2013 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics season is shaping up to produce one of the deepest and most competitive groups of Still Rings athletes in recent memory. At least nine gymnasts have hit for 15.50 or better so far, and 27 have posted a score of 15.00 or better. …

Top 10 (with season high in parentheses)

Mike Wilner (Illinois) – 15.30 avg. (15.60)
Anton Gryshayev (Iowa) – 15.23 (15.80)
Mike Squires (Oklahoma) – 15.287 (16.00)
Ryan Ponce (Springfield) – 14.76 (15.80)
Landon Funiciello (Wm & Mary) – 15.27 (15.40)
Parker Raque (Penn State) – 15.188 (15.80)
Chris Stehl (Oklahoma) – 15.317 (15.50)
Trevor Howard (Penn State) – 15.317 (15.70)
Matt Freeman (Michigan) – 15.113 (15.70)
James Fosco (Stanford) – 15.113 (15.30)

2013 NCAA Lords of the Still Rings

That post has a number of Ring routines linked. Including this one.

Click PLAY or watch Parker Raque on YouTube.

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