Luikin to Gienger

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s 2011 NCAA High Bar Champion Alex Buscaglia.


Alex has officially retired from the sport of gymnastics and here is what he posted on Facebook about his career.

“And so I finally say goodbye to the sport that has given me so much. When I just started, it provided me an opportunity to do a sport out of pure joy. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer and slowly passing away, it afforded me an outlet and safe-haven to keep myself grounded when everything else was crumbling. When I got to Stanford, it taught me what it was like to compete for 15/16/17 other guys. Not only that, but it also made me incredibly involved in the success of my “brothers”. Finally, during this past year, this incredible sport brought me to a place where I could compete for myself and only myself. It gave me a chance to be fully immersed in a goal, to dedicate my entire being, and to work towards achieving something great. My life will never be the same because of gymnastics. I can only hope to continue forward with these lessons in mind and using all that I’ve learned to achieve more greatness. Thank you gymnastics. You will be missed…

Congrats Alex on a great Club, College and Elite Career. Good Luck to you in your future endeavors.

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Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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