Qatar – Goal to be sport superpower

You know Doha, Qatar, from the FIG events they have hosted.

FIFA World Cup goes to the Middle East for the first time in 2022. Tiny Qatar will host. (facilities bid VIDEO)

Qatar has bid for the Olympic Games too, but wants to host in October (cooler weather) rather than July or August.

You might think these kind of events are ambitious for a nation of fewer than 2.5 million.

But they have BIG GOALS for sport.

They’ve won 4 Olympic medals so far, and want more.

Following the 2008 Summer Olympics, Qatar was, along with Saudi Arabia and Brunei, one of only three countries to never have sent a female athlete to the Olympic Games. They sent 4 female athletes to London.

Vanessa Ferrari’s coach, Enrico Casella, and I are in Qatar leading a week long age group coaching Camp for FIG. We visited Aspire along with an international group of Trampoline Judges, here for a regional course.

The Aspire Zone, also known as Doha Sports City … was established as an international sports destination in 2003

These sporting venues include:

Khalifa International Stadium, a 50,000-capacity stadium primarily used for soccer matches.

Hamad Aquatic Center, an Olympic-size swimming pool.

The Aspire Dome, which is the world’s largest indoor multi-purpose sports hall and contains 13 different playing fields.

Aspire Zone is also home to Doha’s tallest structure, the Aspire Tower (which looks like an Olympic torch), and is adjacent to Villaggio Mall, the most popular mall in Qatar. …

They hosted the 2006 Asian Games here. Very successfully.

Lord Sebastian Coe, Oscar Pistorius, Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, Johann Koss (Right to Play) and many other sport dignitaries are here for the Doha GOALS Forum.

Topics of discussion include:

Debate: Is the pursuit of money killing sport or can money buy success?

The role of the corporations

How do we encourage more women and girls to participate in sport?

Revealing the Doha goals roadmap

This nation is very much committed to becoming a leader in education and sport training. Enrico and myself have been to most of the best amateur sport facilities around the world. We’ve never seen better than Doha Sports City.

Click PLAY to see some of the facilities on YouTube.

related – Qatari women prepare for Olympic debut (VIDEO)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is alive and well here. 🙂

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