Why do parents let their kids get fat?

From the UK.

The health risks for obese children may be even greater than previously estimated, new research suggests. So why do parents let their kids get fat?

Just over 33% of 11-year-olds are now overweight or obese and among four and five-year-olds it’s 22%, according to the most recent figures from the National Child Measurement Programme, which assesses the height and weight of primary children in England. The figures are similar in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. …


Certainly kids need to exercise more, eat less. But I fear this epidemic is far more complicated than that.

It’s not only too many “pizza days” at school.

If you travel to Peru, for example, you’ll have difficulty finding even one overweight child in any school. The epidemic of child obesity has yet to hit there.

… Will science find some “fix”?

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