Alexander Alexandrov fired

Bad news for those of us who appreciated his candor. 😦

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics:

Sports Express today confirmed the news that Russian WAG team coach Alexander Alexandrov has been fired from his job as WAG head coach. The decision was made by a vote of the board of the Russian Gymnastics Federation, including some of the coaches of gymnasts who performed poorly in London … .

Sources close to the Russian team suggest that Alexandrov will continue as personal coach to 2010 World Champion and 2012 Uneven Bars Olympic Champion Aliya Mustafina though this has yet to be officially confirmed and (updated 18.45) … Alexandrov has now suggested it is doubtful he will continue beyond the end of December. We still await an announcement of who will take over from the talented Alexandrov as head coach of the Russian WAG team. …

details – Alexander Alexandrov dismissed as WAG Head Russian coach

Alexander could be hired for pretty much any coaching job in the world right now.

His successor has big shoes to fill.


Sovietski Sport has now announced that the council of the Russian Gymnastics Federation has appointed bars coach Evgeny Grebenkin as head coach of the WAG team. …

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics has the details. With quotes from the ungracious Valentina Rodionenko.

… If anyone should be fired …

Alexandrov feels the reasons for dismissal were personal. The personal coaches of the Team were not supportive.

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