Aliya Mustafina’s Dad

Farhat Mustafin (born 7 September 1950) is a Russian former wrestler of Tatar descent who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1976 Summer Olympics where he won a bronze medal.

… He is the father of Russian artistic gymnast and Olympic Gold medalist Aliya Mustafina. …

Farhat and Aliya’s coach, Alexandrov, are the same age and both came out of CSCA (Central Sport Club of Army).

… this situation with her coach, who suddenly left for the USA, crushed her down (Aliya was not training for 6 months and could leave gymnastics for good, when Mr. Alexandrov turned up to take the charge) …

The occasion, that Aliya ended up with Alexandrov as her personal coach – was her good fortune. …

As a wrestler, Farhat knows all about the difficulties of staying at competition weight.

… Unfortunately in gymnastics it really counts: 2 kilos more and you fall and fail …

… We also had to keep our weight and sometimes get rid of some extra kilograms – seven kg less, for example, was also hard. Your life joy vanishes after the fifth kg off. And still you have to go on with full workouts every day, while you walk around like a zombie between your bed, workout, a tiny amount of food to keep you on your legs and up to bed again… So anyway even this could not overshadow the main purpose. …

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