Aussie Olympians ready

by Olivia Vivian

The Aussie double Olympian entertains with her final report before the Team makes the long flight to Europe.

The time is almost here,
Until our London team departs,
I can tell that they’re excited,
I can hear it in their hearts,

This camp has been a journey,
A rollercoaster ride,
I could’ve said it was easy,
But you know I would’ve lied,

To you girls, you’re not just my team-mates,
But more like my sisters,
We’ve worked through tough days,
And through all the blisters,

But we work for a purpose,
Towards one common goal,
We each play our part,
We each have a role,

To me it’s meant the world,
To be here with you all,
I’ve enjoyed every moment,
And every trip to the mall,

Now as you embark,
To represent our great nation,
Trust in yourselves,
And in all your preparation,

Enjoy every second,
And stay close as a team,
Always be aware,
That you’re living every athletes dream,

But never forget how we got here,
To this point of success,
Think of our coaches, staff and parents,
And how much they must stress,

To the parents we say thanks,
For supporting our goal,
We might not always show it,
But we appreciate your role,

To our coaches and staff,
We know we sometimes made it rough,
But somehow you got us here,
Even when times got rough,

And now on to Peggy,
I don’t know where to start,
She loves her job with passion,
Every beat of her heart,

The hours she puts in,
Don’t go un-noticed,
It pays off in our routines,
And I know none of you can protest,

We appreciate it all,
From your coaching to your pranks,
And on behalf of us all,
We would like to say thanks!

read more – WAG Olympic Preparation Camp, Update #6

They survived the long training camp. And have been hitting Beam.

So far, so good. 🙂

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