on fear in gymnastics

At one of his sessions at USA Congress, Dr. Bill Sands talked about the mechanism of fear. At a stage of brain development, children finally start to grasp consequences of action.

The age is predictable.

I feel it happens to both boys and girls, but there’s some sort of override in the male psyche — perhaps Testosterone. 🙂

Boys can almost always overcome fear issues in the gym. Some girls cannot.

Most often it involves backwards elements.

Fear can be a great struggle. Right now Emily Wilson’s daughter is having problems.

Try everything. Especially high reps of simpler skills.

For example, for backward tumbling balking on saltos, do endless series of backward handsprings on Tumbl Trak. At least 50 backward handsprings a day before going back to somersaults.

Fear can be overcome. 🙂

One strategy to reduce the frequency and severity of fear going backwards is to train forward elements first. For example, I like girls to do forward flyaway before backward flyaway. Forwards is not “scary”. The confidence gained later transfers to the backward. Usually.

(via Tumbl Trak on Facebook)

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