no Keatings, no Downie

Daniel Purvis
Louis Smith
Max Whitlock
Sam Oldham
Kristian Thomas

Full Twist – Great Britain announce MAG Olympic Team

Beth Tweddle
Hannah Whelan
Rebecca Tunney
Imogen Cairns
Jennifer Pinches

Full Twist – Great Britain announce WAG Olympic Team

… BG has not yet announced the reserve athletes. Many are disappointed by the absence of Dan Keatings and Becky Downie. …

From the sounds of it the reserve gymnasts for women’s are Danusia Francis, Becky Downie and Niamh Rippin.

Downie on twitter: It’s finally out & unfortunately I’m a reserve for Team GB !! I’ve had a very tough ride these past 2 years but this is NOT the end ….

Going for Gold

Yeesh. The host nation leaves a fantastic 90+ 2008 Olympian off the Team. I’m a huge Keatings fan. Hope he hangs in for another quadrennial.

Update: @Bdownie:

Not gunna lie it SUCKS to be me right right now 😦 its going to be a long month ahead with many more routines to come & to not be shown 😦

Not sure how to feel now, all that work, the routines, the injuries, injections, tears, pain for what ?? & missing out on adidasUK GB kit 😦

The hard road of the alternate to the Olympics.

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