YouTube in slow motion

Valentin Uzunov posted on an important topic on his new Coaching Methods blog:

… when we observe movements at rates faster than 230°/s, we cannot see much detail of the motion, instead we get just a blurred view of the object tracked. …

Take the pre-flight in a Yurchenko vault. It takes 0.12 – 0.22ms from board take-off to hand contact. …

How much does the coach see?

Valentin concludes that new technology (cameras, iPad apps, etc.) are valuable for the coach (or judge) who wants to know EXACTLY what the athlete is doing.

JBS responded on the Chalk Bucket forum recommending an iPod touch with Coach’s Eye software.

JBS had a second recommendation, new to me:

Also…log into …YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

Opt into the html 5 trial. Once opted in you can click on the gear in a youtube video and watch it in 1/4 time or 1/2 time…slow motion on youtube! …

I found YouTube videos where it didn’t work in the Chrome browser. But it does for this one, if you want to try it yourself: YouTube – Alicia Sacramone – Vault – 2008 Visa Championships – Day 1

Cool. 🙂

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