Sam Mikulak – Kaz double

Looks like Tsuk triple twist.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

This guy looks like an Olympian to me.

Andy Thornton:

The biggest surprise of the meet was unquestionably Sam Mikulak.

… absolutely sensational in tonight’s competition, and in fact, had he not fallen on his triple full dismount on floor, he would have been right up there with Leyva and Orozco in the hunt for the lead. …

Where exactly Mikulak fits in is a little unclear – not because he doesn’t have strengths that the team needs, but because he has an interesting mix of strong events but isn’t necessarily an obvious top-three gymnast on any single event. Mikulak is clearly one of the best tumblers and vaulters in the field, but surprised many by putting up a super 15.6 on p-bars (9.4 execution score!) – the 2nd highest of the field – as well as a 14.65 on pommel horse – the 4th highest of the field. With a very strong 15.3 on high bar mixed in as well, there’s no question that Mikulak is a potential contributor on multiple events. But does this make him an Olympic team member, or a great Olympic alternate? We’ll have to see more competitions before we decide that. …

American Gymnast – Best Men’s Nationals Ever…Thoughts On Night One!

That post is a must read.

… As soon as tonight’s men’s competition was complete, I sent a text message to my brother that said, “I think these guys can win Olympic gold.” The only problem is, I’m still not sure exactly which five guys they will be.

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