CDN WAG Olympic selection

Judge Grace Chiu:

The Olympic Selection Points process is well-documented (PDF) . It needs to be read and understood.

I was tasked to make a working spreadsheet based on this document for the selection committee, which I did on the plane to Regina. It was verified as correct after AA finals.

Thus, there is no Cone-of-Silence on this, and as of now, after Canadian Championships, the Top 12 candidates with points are:

1. Kristina Vaculik 46.40
2. Victoria Moors 30.80
3. Dominique Pegg 20.10
4. Ellie Black 17.60
5. Jessica Savona 11.80
6. Brittany Rogers 9.20
6. Madeline Gardiner 9.20
8. Mikaela Gerber 5.80
9. Christine Lee 4.00
10. Talia Chiarelli 3.00
11. Jessica Dowling 2.40
11. Stefanie Merkle 2.40

I believe it’s pretty cut & dry that those 12 will be invited to the Olympic selection camp in Gatineau. There is no “petitioning”. The points system is working.

The rest with points > 0:
13. Anysia Unick 2.00
13. Briannah Tsang 2.00
15. Laura-Ann Chong 1.20
16. Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto 1.00 — having ankle surgery Tuesday …

The only subjective assignment of points will be under Criteria 3A at the selection camp. It is a maximum of 5 points assessed for performance “on demand”. This is not going to be a deal-breaker for those who already have 5 points as of now, and see, they are in the Top 8.

Trust the points system…

GCG will announce the entire Olympic team for WAG, MAG, TG, and RG on June 29.

Let’s see if Grace’s confidence in the points system carries through Camp. It certainly worked badly last Olympics.
(Grace points out that it’s been changed since Beijing. No points for World Cup meets.)

My preference would be to select the top 2 or 3 team members on (hopefully) objective criteria. And have a National Coach — after consultation — select the last 2 or 3 who best “balance” the team.

Click PLAY or watch Tori’s DTY on YouTube.

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