USA J.O. MAG – who cares?

Ron Noe of Stick It Media is often the lone blogger promoting and publicizing age group Men’s Gymnastics in the USA.

He’s frustrated with the just finished Men’s J.O. Championships in Cincinnati:

… I’m going to be perfectly blunt about this. Aside from a nice Facebook page and very minimal print coverage, the promotion of this event during the course of the competition, was virtually non-existent. No active Twitter updates, no videos, no live scoring, no nothing. It’s an Olympic year, for crying out loud. Failure to promote this year’s men’s JO Nationals was unfathomable to me. …

Howard, Kimble & Bock Dominate Event Finals

I’d love to do more to promote the 700+ best age group guys in the USA. But I need news, photos and videos to link. Please leave a comment if you know of good sources online.

Here are the best links I’ve found:

2012 US Men’s Jr. Olympic Championships Facebook page

P&G National Championships home page (poor)

• USAG J.O. Championships Results and Photos

No “news”, but results are posted. And that page does link to a few small photos. has a teaser photo link right now.

Follow and share Stick It Media posts if you care about MAG J.O.

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