gymnastics poem …

Debbie Broderick Rodriguez of Byer’s Gymnastics, California:

Rachel Holman, one of my gymnasts, wrote this poem…it is awesome!

Tis the week before State
And all the through the gym
Gymnasts are training
To get ready to win

All landings are stuck
With elegance and grace
Routines are done right
And at a fast pace

The gymnasts are prepared
And ready to kick butt
Because we’ve done the assignments
So we’ll walk in with a strut

The judges won’t cringe
Because we have pointed feet
And our legs will be straight
So we can win the meet

And out on the floor
Our scores won’t even matter
Because we’ll be having fun
And it will sure flatter.

Away to the meet
And off we go
We’re bringin’ the heat
We’re stopping the show

The leos we’re wearin
Make us stand out
The luster they have
Will make other teams pout

When what to my wondering
Eyes should appear
But a high team score-
The best of the year!

With so many great coaches
Who are a joy to work with 😉
Our reputation is legendary
Definitely no myth

BEA Cup, Philippines

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