Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA … still

The latest rankings are out on Troester GymInfo.

Upsets this past weekend did not result in any major shake-up. The ranking list is fairly stable by this point in the season.

1. Florida
2. Oklahoma
4. Alabama
5. Georgia
6. Nebraska
7. Utah
8. Oregon State
9. Arkansas
10. LSU
11. Stanford
12. Penn State
13. Ohio State
14. Auburn
15. Boise State
16. Missouri
17. Denver
18. Arizona
19. Minnesota
20. North Carolina State
21. Michigan
22. Illinois-Champaign
23. Kentucky
24. Washington
25. Arizona State

What unexpected school will qualify to Championships
in Georgia this season? Last year it was Kent State. They went 196.400 this weekend, by the way.

Championships info

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