Vaculik / Watson win Elite Canada

Got the news on Facebook from Grace Chiu.

Kristina Vaculik dominates senior women’s AA at Elite Canada.

1. Kristina Vaculik 56.350
2. Brittany Rogers 55.150
3. Victoria Moors 55.050

full results (PDF)

Savona did not compete but ‘verified’ on 3 apparatus. Peng Peng Lee opted not to compete, training instead for London.

Robert Watson surprise senior men’s AA winner at Elite Canada

1. Robert Watson 84.100
2. Anderson Loran 83.850
3. Hugh Smith 83.150

full results (PDF)

Teams from London Test Meet were not required to attend. But Nathan Gafuik did 2 apparatus, first on P Bars 14.700. Jackson Payne did 3 events, first on Pommels 14.950. The best kept secret in Canadian gymnastics, Scott Morgan, was first on Rings 15.250 and second on FX 14.700 in prelims.

… Is this the ‘start’ of a rebuilding phase for Canadian Men’s Gymnastics?

Should Canada send a proven veteran to London? Or a young guy with potential to improve for 2016?

Stu Cram is mirroring official results on Gym Score Depot.

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