Keatings 1st competitor

I hadn’t noticed at the time, but Daniel Keatings competed as 1st competitor on each apparatus at London Test Meet.

Did you have to do anything before the London Prepares event to try and overcome your nerves and prepare for the event?

After the disappointment at the World Championships in Tokyo we got some additional help from a psychologist who taught us some techniques to overcome nerves.

What did you think of your performance at the London Prepares event?

I was really pleased with my performance as I went clean on all apparatus, but more so because I was asked to do a specific job for the Team by performing first on every apparatus, to help settle the Team and hopefully get off to a good start. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds and is very uncommon in gymnastics, but it really shows how we have grown as a team since Tokyo as all of our focus was on the Team and the right result for the Team.

Did you and the rest of Team GB celebrate afterwards?

After the competition we were all physically and mentally drained, so we all celebrated by having an early night. I know it’s not rock star like, but we have an even bigger job to do now…

That’s from an interview by his sponsor, Opus Energy.

Daniel took more heat than anyone else in Tokyo after the disastrous 9th place team finish. So it was great to see him and Eddie take the podium at the Press Conference following their superb (near perfect) team performance in London. Both are fantastic media spokesmen, getting PLENTY of practice in the run-up to Olympics.

Eddie deflected my question deftly regarding whether his team could afford to carry an event specialist when team size drops to 5 men:

… Eddie van Hoof, the British Gymnastics technical director, said there was “a good chance” that the pommel specialist Louis Smith, who won a bronze medal at the Beijing Games, would have to cover other apparatus in the team competition. On Tuesday, he competed only in the pommel. “We will look at structure and look at Louis to cover other apparatus but also at our best medal chances. Louis is also good at parallel bars and, surprisingly, the rings as well,” said Van Hoof. …


… I think they have to take him. Public outcry would be deafening if they don’t

Daniel Keatings – Latest News

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