Berki Qualified to Olympics

When the list of individual gymnasts qualified to the 2012 Olympics was published by the FIG the inclusion of Krisztian Berki came as a surprise to many. The Hungarian won the gold medal on pommel horse in Tokyo. However, the FIG qualification rules state that all event final medallists are qualified to the Olympics provided their federation does not qualify a full team to the Olympics and they

a. participate in three apparatus (two for WAG) during qualification in Tokyo

b. reach “the limit of 85% of the average score all participants in the best 2 additional apparatus” …

The whole point of this change to Olympic qualifying was to ensure that potential gold medalists like Berki DID qualify. Yet the unnecessary complication of points a. and b. seemed to eliminate him.

… “He has qualified correctly according to the rules. We did the mathematics 100 times, and he just made it barely.“

Those quotes from THE ALL AROUND.

… I’m hoping it’s not the same mathematician who calculated the World Cup AA prize money. 🙂

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Blythe heard that the 4 hosts next year (American Cup, Glasgow World Cup, Stuttgart and Tokyo World Cup) must each come up with 25,000 Euro themselves. That solves the problem, from the FIG point of view.

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