Nellie Kim speaks

A rare communication from our WTC. Quite interesting.

2011 World Championships – Tokyo, JPN
WAG General Report

A few highlights:

154 gymnasts competed in the All-Around and 62 gymnasts competed in 1 to 3 events

Average Age ’11 WC 18.72

Youngest Team – 16.20 (USA)

27 gymnasts ( 14,21 %) performed 2 vaults in Competition I.

… There was not much control on the access of the coaches to the Field of Play. Sometimes more than 2 coaches were in. Also, access was permitted to 2 male coaches into the competition area for UB. …

Being prohibited the use of IRCOS system, calculation of D-Score was more benevolent. It would have been very useful to have IRCOS and/or communication with Apparatus Supervisor in very specific cases. …

Following the decision of the FIG EC the TCs and D-Panels were not allowed to use IRCOS in case of doubts or disagreements.

Prior to the first competition’s day there were many discussions, clarifications regarding this new decision. It was not clear to the TCs how to operate, how to apply new ruling and at the same time to apply CoP (e.g. the video review is compulsory in case of “0” vault and etc.).

It was very stressful situation for the WTC and for the judges (in particular for the D-Panels). …

Last year in Rotterdam many felt the WTC was using video review too often.

photo by Grace Chiu

The most interesting comment:

The individual judges’ E- scores should be eliminated from the result book.

I couldn’t disagree more. For one thing, I couldn’t find the individual judges’ E-scores in the result book I got. (Leave a comment if you did.)

Secondly, the biggest problem right now is that the E-judges are ‘boxing’ the scores. No wonder WTC wants to hide who threw what insanely unjust score. Their judges would be and should be lynched.

In Tokyo, only a few ladies were verbally warned. None were sanctioned.

Download the full report (PDF) including WAG NEW ELEMENTS.

Commentary on Couch Gymnast.


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