preview of Men’s AA Worlds

The best I’ve seen is by Amanda Turner … who’s not even in Tokyo.

Somebody should hire her away from International Gymnast magazine.

… Japanese superstar Kohei Uchimura will be gunning for gold in the men’s all-around final Friday evening at the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo.

Uchimura, the 2009 and 2010 world champion, is set to join Russian legend Svetlana Khorkina as gymnastics’ only three-time world all-around champions. If he takes the gold, he will be the first male gymnast to accomplish the feat, eclipsing double world champions Yuri Korolyov (1981 and 1985), Dmitry Bilozerchev (1983 and 1987), Ivan Ivankov (1994 and 1997) and Yang Wei (2006 and 2007). …

Amanda gives a breakdown of Kohei’s major rivals:

John Orozco
Danell Leyva
Koji Yamamuro
Daniel Purviss
Phillip Boy
Emin Garibov
Nikolai Kuksenkov
Marcel Nguyen

details on IG – Preview: Uchimura Aims for Third World Title

These guys are all good. Anyone of them could be on the podium — in second or third position. Marcel Nguyen’s the second “most talented” on the list, I feel. But can he hit 6/6?

Personal shout out to Nathan Gafuik. He’s due for his best Worlds performance ever.

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